Dying in my tv chair

Promises made Promises kept Never this way was it meant Dying here Dying there My dreams have gone nowhere Hard work Work hard Success will be yours Mrs Fader said. She lied or didn’t tell the truth Standing up there in front of the class with Her pea green skirt (hanging just below the knees) Not long enough to save …

My girl

I like to collect things.  I sketched this off of a pub wall in Bristol.  Click on the picture for a bigger view.

Top five health benefits of regular sex

  (Picture, an original digital print I made entitled, why gentlemen really prefer whores)  In keeping with my friend Tisha’s post today, I thought I’d add a few reason why we should all be out there romping in the sack with our favorite guy or gal.  Sex, when practiced safely, contributes greatly to our sanity, stability, and serenity.  Here are the top five …

Increase your intelligence

  Three ways to increase your intelligence: 1.  Cultivate a thirst for information and continually expand the source, scope and intensity of the information you receive. 2.  Revise your reality often.  Test and retest your reality maps and seek new metaphors to understand what is happening now and how it will affect your future. 3.  Develop external networks to increase …

We all want to change the world

In See You at the Top, Zig Ziglar tells a story about a young business executive who took some work home to complete for an important meeting the next day.  Every few minutes his five-year-old son would interrupt his chain of thought.  After several such interruptions, the young executive spotted the evening paper with a map of the world on …

First Snow

We had our first snowfall this morning.  I wasn’t expecting it so when I walked out into the garden for my morning tea and meditation session, I was both shocked and excited.  I love first snowfalls.  It’s like nature has laid down a fresh coat of white paint on everything and at once I get this feeling of endless possibilities.  …

Disney Wisdom

All I learned, I learned watching Disney movies.  My favorite Disney line is “Don’t spend your time looking around for something that can’t be found.”

Go tell it to the mountain

  The trail as a metaphor is a wonderful concept. Each person must walk his or her own path through life, and is ultimately responsible for the direction that path may take. Life, like any trail, is a matter of ups and downs. When one is going up, and the way is steep and tiring, the idea that there will …

Urban Wake Up

I like watching a city wake up.  I wandered around the streets of Leamington Spa this morning.

Save the Planet

We don’t gave a damn about our planet, do we?

a kind of half life

A virtual friend of mine was explaining to me how she wants to do so many these things with her life, but she had to temper her ambitions with pleasing other people. She reckons she is stopped cold by her obligations to the ones she loves. In her mind, she wrestles with the possibility that while she is off chasing …


They say you know you’re getting old when you walk around puddles instead of through them.  I must be getting old because I walked around this one!

Are you waiting for the right time?

The problem of those who wait, wrote Nietzsche, is that it requires luck. And it requires a lot of luck if you are waiting for some higher being to give you permission to act by telling you it is the ‘right time’ to act. The reality is the ‘right time’ never happens. There are people all over the world waiting …


“Time!  What time do you think you have?  The hour is later than you think!â€? Time, time, time.  I could rant on and on about how there never seems to be enough time to get all the million and one things done in a day.  And please don’t even get me started on administrivia – you know the tiny little things …

Jaywalking, a serious offence in America

Now that I live in England, I don’t go back to the States often.  My last vist was toward the tail end of 2005 to see my mom and pop.  I remember landing at Logan airport in Boston and getting the distinct feel that I had dropped into a police state.  Living in Britain, you don’t see many guns.  The …


My respects to MR Takamoto, the creator of Scooby-Doo.  He died Monday at the age of 81.  It’s been said that if you love what you do, and do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.  MR Takamoto loved what he did and did it up to the day he died.  Link.  Also check out the …


Stevie Ray Vaughn is one of my all time favorite music hero’s.  Thanks C4Chaos for turning me on to the video below.  It blew my socks off and sent me to a place beyond space.  Magic.

The Brain and How to Use It

I’m up in Stirling, which is a city about 45 minutess northwest of Edinburgh.  I’m here over the next couple of days doing a piece of work for a client. I like the Scottish.  They are a friendly and accomodating people and make great hosts.  My taxi driver, Steve, makes me feel right at home from the moment he collects …

Silent Star Wars

Here is a funny rendition of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Mojave Confidential

        Fab photographer:  Andrew Kuykendall