what’s that i hear?


time, that beautiful handmaiden
whispered in my ear:

you gotta get going baby
you gotta get going
death is near

but i’ve got songs to write
sweet melodic words to pen
surely it must be a sin
to die with them within?

then you gotta write baby
you gotta write
get those words down on a page
act them out on the stage

oh time, my sweet, won’t
you love me more?
i’ll pen a phrase, turn a word or two
in honour of your amour

i can’t baby i can’t
you have what time you have
and no more

(knock, knock)

what’s that i hear?

tis death knocking at the door

 – c.lowe

  1. This is very good. It has a classical ring to it which you’ve developed extremely well. Great ending!

  2. i like how she talks to you with endearments…that gave the poem a different kind of rhythm as i read it aloud.

  3. Oh wow…that makes me want to accomplish something today…time doesn’t stop does it??


  4. Clay Lowe

    The voice I had in my head when I wrote this was Jamie Lee Curtis playing a prostitute in Trading Places, specifically the scene where she is feeling up Dan Akroyd.

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