question no. 23

There’s a symposium tomorrow at the local Catholic college and the question on the table is: “Are morals a thing of the past?”

I can guess what the Catholic school is going to say, what’s your view?

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I honestly don’t know what my view is. Sometimes I think yes they are. But, I know I try to live a decent and ethical life and so do my children. So I refuse to give up hope. The pendulum always swings. Please Clayton kow that I suffered through some struggles over the last two months both in our family with a death and also my blog was claimed by another at MBL…so I lost you as a contact. I retained all of my members but lost my communities and my contacts. I am limited to joining 15 a day… Read more »
Hi Clay – Happy new year! time for re view..a new vantage point in ones life Now, youve really got me going with this question Clay , morals..things of the past…morals have been on my mind a lot recently so thanks for bringing it up and providing an opportunity to raise my thoughts. As Shinade says im not sure what i think about this, but my thoughts are that it has importance to me because of the catholic culture that i grew up in. Im glad of that because i often think am i morally doing the right persuing… Read more »
John Rose
Much depends I think on the moral agenda of the individual or organization. From my perspective, I find there are Universal morals that we would do well to respect. These may not be what make us feel good in the moment, but may in fact be what preserve the integrity and wellbeing of our species. Look over the course of civilization and see which morals have stuck and which have fallen by the wayside. Look at the whole picture and not just a personal, and maybe selfish perspective. It could be we have abandoned some priceless gems of wisdom because… Read more »