walk for water II

Thanks everyone for taking part in the walk for water, and especially well done to Lucy & Brittany for carrying a bucket of water on your heads for 2 miles.

Between us we have raised approximately £40 (possibly a bit more), so that’s great news.  Here’s what that money can buy:

£9 could train a villager in Ethiopia to maintain the local well or borehole
£15 could provide a family of five in Mozambique with access to a borehole
£30 could provide a community in Niger with purpose-built latrine (a loo!)
£40 could provide a family in Liberia with a BioSand Water Filter

I’m sure the money will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for everyone who participated.

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My daughter and I gathered up some funds as well during World Water Week recently and donated to Unicef.
This can be resolved if we all contribute a little. We have the technology. We need to show the will and compassion to accomplish it.

Well done, my friend.

Hugs xo