Saturday Experiments

The heavy rain has us all inside. There’s only one thing to do is this circumstance and that’s tweak the blog because we have to stay relevant right?  So I’m experiment with a couple of  live blogging applications.  One from 24LiveBlog and the other (out of date, but hopefully still works) by Chris Northwood called Live Blogging.

Why am I doing this, I hear you ask.  Well I want to add an element of curation to the blog.  My current solution has been to use Tumblr or my Facebook Fan Page to curate interesting things I find on the web that I don’t quite want to turn into a full blog post.  I’ve seen a couple of other blogs that embed curation into a single blog post on their site. I like the idea of that so I went hunting for a solution.

I tried 24LiveBlog first.  It wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  I think it’ll be perfect for actually live-blogging an event, but as a curation format, not so much.

Which brings us to this post, which I am creating using Chris Northwood’s Live Blogging plugin for WordPress.

Speaking of staying relevant…


Teenagers, of which I have two, do some crazy things in an effort to stay clued in and relevant amongst their peers.  And unfortunately some of their antics get played out on social media.  Fear not, here’s the definitive teenager’s guide to social media don’ts.

Ok, so there’s the first link in this chain done.  I’m going to follow the rest of the steps to turn this ordinary WordPress post into a live-blogging post.


If you’re in a long term relationship and you’re not having mind blowing sex or no sex at all, don’t worry, you are normal.


Ok. I’m happy with the way Chris Northwood’s live blogging app works for making time stamped curated posts within a standard post. I couldn’t get the Twitter integration to work. I wonder if that’s because the plugin is out of date and hasn’t been updated by the developer for a while.  I was really counting on the posts being automatically posted to Twitter.  I’ll have to figure out how I want to go about solving issue.  For the moment It’ll have to be done manually.


Based on how the live blogging app works, this is the point of insertion where my live blogging entry begins.


Is rap music, country music and rock & roll fine art? Cook County in Chicago is arguing NOT, even though previously it accepted the definition of fine art to be:

a live performance in any of the disciplines which are commonly regarded as part of the fine arts, such as live theater, music, opera, drama, comedy, ballet, modern or traditional dance, and book or poetry readings

This is about money of course.  The county wants its entertainment tax from rappers, rock & rollers and country folk.

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