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With no snooze button

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I’ve got that internal volcano feeling again that feeling where all the ideas in my head come bubbling to the surface all at once. Now add to that the relentlessness of time… Time past, time present, time future… Time ticking like a bomb. Time ticking, as in running out off.... Read More

Addicted to the infinite scroll

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0:514 quickly turned into 08:45. Time does fly when you’re self-absorbed…in reading and thinking, that is. A couple of hungry cats reminded me I was still among the living and that had duties to perform like feed them. I couldn’t even be bothered to feed myself despite the low rumble... Read More

Too much geekery going on here

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Feet touched the ground at 05:47. I know you’re not supposed to but I got sucked into social media first thing this morning. Linkedin specifically. Gary Vaynerchuk had a post up, 5 Best Tips for Salespeople. I read it and watched the accompanying 10 minute video. It was worth the... Read More

Every day without hope

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Inspired by Jason_Cobb of Onionbagblog I decided it was high time to get back into the blogging game and come back strong with running day diary style posts. I fired up the Day One app. It’s perfect for this sort of thing. And hey, when I’m dead and buried, they... Read More

Rejoice in thy youth

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This cracks me up: turning 25 is fucking me up i don’t want it to happen !!!! — melissa lozada-oliva (@ellomelissa) September 1, 2017 Oh to be 25 again and have all that space and time to seek power and glory. Youth is wasted on the wrong people or so... Read More