August 19, 20175:34 am
Watching the sun rise as the water for my coffee heats up. | #sunrise #photo #camping
August 19, 20175:33 am
Watching the sun rise as the water for my coffee heats up. | #sunrise #photo #camping
August 18, 20176:13 am
RT @PoetrySociety: The trees are coming into leaf
Like something almost being said;
Their greenness is a kind of grief.

from The Tr…
August 18, 20175:33 am
Self-promotion is the only kind of promotion left, or so they tell me. #selfpromotion
August 17, 20179:05 pm
August 17, 20177:18 pm
August 17, 20176:10 pm
Back Inside - I could never ask for help in the daylight. When I know what people think of me, I fall back...
August 17, 20172:43 pm
RT @RobertGreene: Look at things as they are, not as your emotions color them.
August 17, 201712:01 pm
August 17, 201711:58 am
August 17, 201711:21 am
Great conversation on friendship with @SarahBHunt for the next episode of @havanapodcast She's definitely a real fr…
August 17, 20178:47 am
August 17, 20177:58 am
Arrrgh...I have an office full of stationary, but can't find one stapler! #FirstWorldProblems
August 17, 20177:23 am
I am this, that, and the other thing.

(Trying to decide what to write for my bio)
August 17, 20177:11 am
@SocialMediaTodd Any more than that and you're being greedy.
August 13, 20178:55 pm
Hawkmoth catapiller | #insect #outdoors #macro #photo
August 13, 20172:05 pm
Angel | #nature #photo #bw #spider
August 12, 201711:01 am
Illuminations | #readinglife #bw #photo
August 11, 20172:44 pm
Bobble heads | #collectibles #photo
August 8, 20177:40 pm
Having some fun with a cheap macro lens on my iPhone | #macro #photo
August 8, 20171:11 pm
Lunch time with Arthur Rimbaud. | #coffeetime
August 7, 201710:05 pm
Felt like picking up the pen and sketching this evening. | #sketching
August 7, 20177:36 am
Let go of your fomo today. | #fomo #photo #bw
August 5, 20177:10 pm
Chicken run | #farm #photo #bw
July 13, 201712:45 pm
Philosophy for Life – an open course As I begin to formally explore the concept of social learning, I thought I’d begin with a topic I’ve been meaning to do something with for ages. But like many projects, it has lingered on my...

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As ...
July 8, 20177:37 am
Timeline Photos Note to self...
July 7, 20178:20 am
July 5, 20178:06 pm
And a quote from Robert Greene to follow up this morning's post:

"Make creativity rather than comfort your goal and you will ensure far more success for the future."
July 5, 20175:40 am
The Only Time You Are Actually Growing is When You’re Uncomfortable "Many people are so comfortable, they're miserable."

Yet it seems we're always seeking comfort. Why else do we work so hard to amass more and more money?

To get comfortable is to stop growing.

And I'm wondering is there an ...

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