April 27, 20177:13 pm
April 27, 20173:46 pm
RT @ShieldsAlly: Sometimes it's really hard to do... https://t.co/W2FpbnkAXF
April 27, 20172:12 pm
RT @havanapodcast: Good to have @SarahBHunt back in the pop-up studio today. She's fresh back from Florida, but didn't bring the weather wi…
April 27, 20178:32 am
April 26, 20177:08 pm
RT @DailyKerouac: I knew that the sound of silence was everywhere and therefore everything everywhere was silence.
April 26, 20177:07 pm
April 25, 201712:11 pm
I finally sat down to write. | #urbanwanderer #coffeetime #photo #habano
April 25, 20177:55 am
Reluctant rays | #snapshot #photo #morning
April 24, 20174:46 pm
RT @natlibscot: "The first rule of Thesaurus Club is you don't talk about, mention, speak of, discuss or chat about Thesaurus Club." (via @…
April 24, 20178:10 am
April 22, 20172:45 pm
Happy #EarthDay Go out and play in the dirt. https://t.co/Qe8kML6Zf9
April 22, 20172:41 pm
RT @GlobalBrunch: Happy #EarthDay everyone!

Explore & protect the beautiful planet that we live on! #earthday2017 #EarthDay17 https://t.c…
April 22, 20179:41 am
April 22, 20178:42 am
Biometric identification systems... #1984Symposium do we own our identities and data anymore? https://t.co/GoaBQfvRFW
April 22, 20176:08 am
Timeline Photos Last time I checked, Someday wasn't a day of the week. What's been lingering on your someday list that it's time to take action on NOW?!
April 18, 20172:18 pm
Fun in the Forest. | #wanderlust #photo #forestofdean
April 17, 201710:40 am
Havana Cafe Sessions Is the need for offline communities still relevant?
[New Episode] With more and more of our lives being lived online on places like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram is the need for offline communities still relevant? Or do our online ...
April 16, 20177:11 am
Breakfast in these mad times. | #pitstop #bw #photo
April 12, 201711:36 am
Timeline Photos If you want it, you've gotta keep working 'till you get it.
April 12, 201711:28 am
Colour Profiling Personal Development Workshop If you're interested in behavioural style profiling and how it can enhance your personal development journey, this a great one day workshop to attend. Bonus: it's being run by my good buddy Steve Davies of Clarity4D

A one-day workshop ...
April 12, 20177:05 am
The Guardian. | #cat #photo #cosmo
April 12, 20174:43 am
Caroline Treanor Global Gratitude 🙏😊 Thanks Caroline 🙏
Had a great coaching session with the talented Clay Lowe. As a coach myself I am always looking for someone with that something special and Clay's knowledge and personal experience in network marketing means he ...
April 10, 20178:00 am
Guess who's back? | #springbreak #bw #photo
April 8, 201711:05 am
Mobile warriors hashing out the details of an upcoming project. | #digitalnomad #bw #photo Cafe au Chocolat, #stamford
April 7, 20175:57 am
Trying to decide if today is a William Carlos Williams day or not. | #urbanwanderer #morning with #poetry #stamford
April 6, 20171:07 pm
Final prep. | @aimeemannmentor #undiagnosed @Swan_UK @OUHospitals #undiagnosed #bw #photo
April 5, 20178:13 am
Train journey. Enroute to meet @tommallens for some mobile warrior sales talk. | #digitalnomad #urbanwanderer #bw #photo

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