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Nightmare hooligan

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I wasted many years chasing windmills and waterfalls. Now I finally act my age, and my friends feel uncomfortable when I’m serious. So I play the clown, the eternal court jester, the fool. I’m a nightmare hooligan with a bloody nose seeking the Book of Knowledge and the Truth, if... Read More

Emily Dickinson

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I finished reading a selected work of Emily Dickinson’s poems. She wrote over 1800 poems in her lifetime, although only a handful were published while she still breathed. I found it helpful to read about her and then read her poems. The understanding of who she was as a poet... Read More

One more wink

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A lone car rumbles down the street the morning yawns you pretend to sleep not ready for the hustle just one more wink

Something new

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I’m dog tired tonight. Weekends make you weak. The only thing keeping me awake right now are three pieces of spearmint gum and the promise of watching Walking Dead later tonight.  I have some neat pictures from my Bristol trip over the weekend which I haven’t edited yet. Bristol left... Read More

A different kind of war

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I felt like reading some Bukowski over lunch. I landed on the poem Mademoiselle from Armentieres. It’s a contrast between old wars and new wars. All boys like to romanticise war. There’s something in our DNA that makes us want to run around the neighbourhood playing army-man, cops and robbers,... Read More

reminisce – 1st draft

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She reminisced in my name. Fire, meltdown and the sanity they let lose in a tangled abstract fantasy of post apocalyptic let down. She reminisced in the attic for the wind, the damned, and the free. Her shadow slipped further. Soft she lay as the boys came for her body.... Read More

all the paths i could travel & jane doe

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Here’s an excerpt from my poetry collection, A Thousand Bullets Gone Astray: all the paths i could travel All the paths I could travel are pointing me in 360 directions Which path I choose is hard for me to imagine. If I move in one direction the circle collapses and... Read More

Can we breathe

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Already clustered full, my morrowed eyes looked beyond her vintage lips. Can we breathe, once again, marked and boundless, a broken wing, crushed by ignorance. I could have wandered on, lived my life asleep like an old door. I never really understood why she said she could only hate what... Read More

Who is you? – 1st Draft

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My friend Julian Stodd has inspired me do what he calls working out loud, which is, in effect, sharing your works in progress. I thought I’d do the same with some of the writing stuff i’m doing on the prose poetry/flash fiction/aphorism side, beginning with this piece, which was inspired... Read More

sunday afternoon

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black coffee pounding def beats through my veins a jazz rift drifts like dead flies against the newscaster’s sand blasted voice scratching head lines across my brain. senior prison officers pimping passes for pussy, didn’t see that one coming, male guards female prisoners human beings in denial of their base... Read More


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Her breasts bounce in step with each step on the step master they bounce, Like over-filled water balloons on a string, they bounce. Sweat drips slowly between her crevasse We lick our lips like on a hot summer day, standing before a merchant’s stall of freshly cut water melons, full... Read More

two live wires

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It isn’t nice to be naked. Two live wires, hot, exposed, to dangerous to touch together under the night sky. Dark, unyielding, no moon to light the way toward salvation and bliss. A kiss delivered on velvet lips awaiting the morning dew to deliver parched lips from a thousand nights... Read More

in search of peace

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III.  in search of peace I searched for peace but could not find her on the troubled city streets I climbed a mountain seeking peace in the clouds, but saw only gun-smoke rising from heated barrels I listened by a babbling brook for peace’s soothing song, but heard only the... Read More

dark eyes

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i want to know the story written in her sad, dark eyes i wonder why she cries at night, her sad, dark eyes never smile, but captivate, trance like pleading, needing sad, dark eyes i want to know the pain they hide and hold the softest touch the tilted chin... Read More


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Got my Lucky Strikes and Jesus doll Pinup girl in yellow shorts pouts love Through lips red as the dawn sky on The fourth of July, I’m ready to roll Cowboy hat no Texan to stand Jack Daniels and Coke drank separate like a man, I hitch a ride south... Read More