The Dice Man Cometh

I stumbled across a 60 second interview with Luke Rhinehart in Friday’s edition of the Metro. I had never heard of the dice theory before even though Luke’s original book appeared 30 years ago. At any rate, I did some surfing around to find more enough on ‘dicing’. It sounds like an interesting concept…I might give it a go for a couple of weeks and see what results come of living by the dice. I’m not sure to what extent i’m going to dice…certain decisions or all…hmm okay why don’t I let the dice decide…

1 – no dice 2 – dice completely 3 – dice for minor decisions 4 – dice completely for 1 week 5 – dice minor for 1 week 6 – roll again

and the verdict is….6 roll again



maybe this is trick die


If yoou want to read more about dice living checkout Luke Rhinehart’s site at or for a summation of dice living check out dice living at

Apparently, the only hard and fast rule of dice living is “the dice must always be obeyed.” I’ll keep you posted…

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Found you on random LJ search.. I’m just reading Luke Rhinehart’s Dice Man.. Never thought of actually trying it out, I might have to do that. Although – practically speaking – someone asking me what would I like in my sandwich and me saying “let me get my dice out” doesn’t seem too convenient? Or would one apply the dice rules only to the “big” decisions? And where does one draw the line? I haven’t got very far with the book yet… It is an inspired idea though. Would love to see how it plays out in reality – although… Read more »