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Blackbirds in the Mist

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I’ve been on the road the last couple of days…running a training workshop in Hemel Hepstaed. I get such a buzz from these workshops because of the exchange of ideas and thoughts. Lot of fascinating discussion arise over the course of the 2.5 days. I finished up the workshop by... Read More

What Men Chat About

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So apparently men spend most of their online chatting time talking about only four things. According to an MSN survey of email and chat rooms (are they secretly reading our email?) men talk most about current culture to inlcude sports and music, money matters, social activities to include what they... Read More

Strange Day

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I spent the entire day on another planet. Oh I was here in body, but my mind and most definately my spirit were in some other place. Death’s Other Kingdom perhaps, or standing by the River of Dreams or perhaps I went to the Edge. At any rate, I was... Read More

You say you want a revolution

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You say you want a revolution Well we all want to change the world I’m feeling like starting that revolution I’ve been hinting at for time now. I’m in one of those moods where I feel like rebelling against the establishment…mainly because it just doesn’t make a damn bit of... Read More

The King and the Duck come out of semi-retirement

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Last night, in a shameful show of disrespect, Richard “the Duck” Watson talked smack repeatedly as he boasted about his ability to handle the rock and take Clay “the King” Lowe to the hoop anyday, anytime, anyplace. “I think he’s been drinking to much Sterno,” said the King. “Everybody knows... Read More

What I’ve Learned

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I’ve enjoyed reading the last two issues of Esquire magazine. The What I’ve Learned interviews, in particular, have been inspiring. Jack Nicholson had some insightful words to pass on, as did Ozwald Boateng and Danny DeVito….I admire their dedication to their craft…the single-minded drive to be the best in their... Read More