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Puig Massanella

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The research is going well. Yesterday was a bit of miss because it rained like mad and the mountains were covered in thick cloud…not good for navigating especially on unknown terrain. Anyway the day didn’t go to waste as I drove to most of the trail heads we would be... Read More

Nobody Told Me When to Run

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Nobody told me when to run I missed the starting gun – Pink Floyd I’ve come to the realization that I have been fighting my purpose which is to write. And it is because I struggle against my purpose I continue to feel adrift in space and time…drifting to some... Read More

I’m a Star

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A friend of my has generously donated the gift of immortality to me by having a star officially named after me. My star is located within the Orion constellation. The coordinates are RA5h1m57.76s D5 42’28.55″. It’s to the right of the star Bellatrix