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call of the sea

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I’ve been stuck inside an office building for over 10 weeks with little time to get outside and play in the great outdoors. I’ve had just about enough! Today, I drove down to the Sea, my second spiritual home after the mountains, and spent some time meditating to the crash... Read More


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The gears are shifting. I am unsure where the ride will take me next. The question is can I control the destination or is control an exercise in futility, an illusion designed to give the perception of control, when in reality we have no control. I have lived a lifetime... Read More

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3 March 2005 I’ve found the key to thing I’ve been searching for – the elusive goal. I’ve known this thing in the past, but have not known it enough to name it, only to experience it. In fact, it is nameless. People have tried to name – I have... Read More