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AWOL – A Way of Life

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AWOL. Most people recognise the term AWOL as being a military term for some one who is absent without leave. In other words, they are not where they are supposed be. Going AWOL is a serious military offence that is punishable as a crime. If you go AWOL from the... Read More

Gentle Wake Up

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I have had a nice gentle morning. I broke from the usual routine and sat had a coffee, and surfed the Net. I was particularly looking at photographic sites. I am feeling inspired to get out and take pictures and tell stories. I haven’t felt this relaxed at the start... Read More


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“You know what your problem is? You are all brains, not enough cock and balls.” – Road Trip

Absolutely Mad

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Albert Ellis, renowned psychotherapist, had this to say about people: “All human beings are out of their fucking minds. Screwballs. Every single one of them.” Which, I guess, accounts for the billion dollar growth in the therapy industry over the last four decades. In Britain there 250,000 therapist of some... Read More

Happy New Year

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I thought I would start off my first post with my personal philosophy for the New Year. My Creed My preferred way to live is to never stop exploring. William Blake wrote that in the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between,... Read More