Notorious soldiers wore
black uniforms; separated
fathers, mothers, children,
brothers and sisters. They
had no mercy.

Prisoners interrogated;
Bodies disappeared one
by one;

lucky :

I had no feelings.

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NaBloPoMo hugh??!!?  Crazy name but great idea.  Tomorrow is the official start of National Blog Posting Month.  The bloggers who have signed up have made a pact to blog every day during November. It’s a great way for bloggers to exercise their blogging muscles and get into the habit of posting on a regular basis.  Unless you are a professional blogger or a massive procrastinator, blogging everyday can be a challenge to fit in amongst the gazillion other things going in our busy lives.  Now is the chance to bend the rest of our lives around blogging.
You can find me here on NaBloPoMo.  I’m also a member of the read. write. poem. forum.

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wildfire on BBC CWR

Sean had a nice radio spot this after on BBC CWR to promote our short film Wildfire (which I hope you have had a chance to view and vote for). You can listen to Sean’s interview here:

P.S. I haven’t quite mastered embedding podcast with wordpress, hence the hastily created podbean site to host the podcast of the show.

Enjoy (and vote)

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we need your votes

3 weeks ago we made a short film, called Wildfire, for the Daily Telegraph/Ford Mondeo Short Film Challenge. There is £10,000 at stake, so we really, really need your votes. You must act quickly because the voting is only open for 2 weeks starting yesterday. Of course there is something in it for you too. When you register to vote you are automatically eligible to win a £2,000 home cinema system.

You can see the film by visiting select the “View Entries� tab and select “Wildfire�, which is directed by our good friend Maxim Jago.

Please vote as soon as you can (and tell all your friends too).


beast barracks

We were young
We were soldiers
We were proud

To be serving in the
Forces that guarded
Our way of life

You taught us the Law
And we learnt it well

Our shaved heads
Glistened in the sun
Like a hundred sweaty peaches
As we recited the Law:

Sir! The Law
We are not human
We are beasts
And you made us beasts
We will not talk
We will not sleep
We will not eat
Without permission
We will only dress
Right dress right dress
Ready front!

The last line is
Cold steel
Stick it between the
Second and third rib
And twist!


avengers united

Every now and then I browse the magazine racks to see if something catches my eye.  Today they fell upon the latest issue of the Avengers United.  Flicking through the pages sent me back in time.  I was twelve years old again sitting in my room wishing I could have a superpower. I never could decide whether I wanted to be super strong, super fast, or just plain cool like Spiderman.


mr organized, well maybe…

Today has flown in a flurry of tasks as I attempt to straddle two worlds. My normal disorganized chaotic self versus my attempt at being a techno-hip organized member of society. The fact that I have been drowning in a sea of papers, half-read books, magazines and unopened mail has spurred this new found religious drive to be one of the task focused brigade. It’s 9 p.m. Normally I would be just starting to think to get ready for the course I’m delivering tomorrow down in London. Instead, my course notes are printed; my train tickets are bought. My shirt is ironed and my shoes are shined. I have even checked the tube lines to see if there are any closures. I still have a long way to go to get really organized, but I think I’ve made a fair start.

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Gambia 2008

Imagine what it will feel like to be part of…

‘Gambia 2008 – The Ultimate Personal Development and Contribution Experience’ (Proudly organised by UK registered Charity WYCE)

Learning and growing massively as an individual whilst making a huge difference to the lives of people within the

Gambian community where you will be staying for the duration of the programme.

An experience so powerful that it will positively impact your outlook for the rest of your life……….

Begin to appreciate the enormous sense of achievement you will experience from being part of a programme that challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Be curious about what will excite you most about sharing time within a culture that provides you with new deep insights about the nature of what it is to be human.

Imagine how you will experience the privileged opportunity of supporting a Gambian village that needs our help.

Anticipate the benefits that you will gain from immersing yourself in working closely with four of the UK’s leading experts in the field of personal and professional development. Look forward to experiencing inspired training, mentoring and coaching from masters who have dedicated their lives to helping people like you to experience and achieve more of what you want and deserve. (Find out more)

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We had another fabulous night of poetry at the Pure and Good and Right open mic session.  The guest poet was Simon Lee with a cameo appearance by Birmingham’s Young Poet Laureate, Matt Windle.  I attempted to broadcast the event live on the Internet of which some of you may have seen.  The video quality was suspect (do to bandwidth and all) but the audio came across OK.  If you missed the open mic and want to get a taste of the event, you can find clips on my ustreamTV broadcast station.  Check it out.


junk mail

We can make all your
secret wishes come true
women will go mad;
friends will be jealous:
a real man with a real
penis. Click here and have
the penis of you dreams.

We can give you what you
want a bigger penis, complete
with a law degree in the
we are not treating (the death
of MR Woolmer) as
come, fill your cup in the fire
of spring. Have they ever
told you this: (your


Soft erection upon reflection
is less visually exciting;
less stimulating to you partner,
we can give give you what you
want to start her day with
a bang and a buck and make
your dick massive.


rut or grave?

The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. – Ellen Glasgow


i think, therefore

I am
One small word
Eight letters yet
Everything I am

diary pages

random diary pages

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On the Road

Lloret De Mar part II

It’s strange to be one day in one country, wake up and be in another the next day. When I open my eyes in the dark, I could be anywhere.

Ruth and I have come back to Lloret De Mar where we celebrated our honeymoon 14 years ago. When we came then, it was summer and full of sun worshippers; now it is a virtual ghost town peopled by folks looking for a cheap escape or to chase the last rays of warm sun.

At breakfast we gobbled down the usual fair in these cheap hotels – rolls, something that passes for sandwich meat, off-branded cereal that tastes like something you might feed to your pet gerbil, cheap pastries, soggy bacon, water-logged scrambled eggs and coffee that tastes like tar no matter how much sugar you add to it.

Later, we wander around the town looking for our honeymoon hotel (we would have stayed there, but even during the off-season the cost was more than we wanted to pay – money killed romance and left her broken body for the worms). The town is more alive than I thought; there are plenty of shoppers, holidaymakers and general folk wandering around the many inviting side streets – a shoppers and food lovers’ paradise. A t-shirt catches my eye that claims to sum up the Spanish sporting life:

A Spanish triathlon: drinking, eating, and fucking (little stick figures out each scenario).

Another t-shirt, one I end up buying, says:

You laugh because I’m different; I laugh because you are all the same.

We find our honeymoon hotel and touch a little history. It hasn’t changed much in 14 years; or maybe it has and only looks the same because of the fixed mental image in our minds.

We pass a church. A crowd gathers to watch a bum beat his bitch on a bench in the churchyard. The people stand and stare, watching this scene unfold before God, with bemused looks on their faces unable to act, unable to turn away. Ruth and I walk by this surreal scene; spectators of the human drama not wanting to intervene least we become participants in the drama.

On the Road

Lloret De Mar Part I

Another airport. At least this time it’s for leisure. We are finally taking our belated anniversary trip, which we were both too busy to take in April.

We are flying into Barcelona. The plan is to rent a car and then drive about two hours north to Lloret De Mar, where we had our honeymoon 14 years ago. Looking out the aircraft window, I marvel at the ethereal landscape the clouds make; it’s almost as if you can step off the plane and walk for miles into the cloud mountains painted red from the sinking sun.

I read Kerouac to pass the time.

About an hour into the flight, the ride gets rocky; it feels like any moment the captain will come on the intercom and say ‘bend over and kiss your assess goodbye because this is it boys and girls.’ Thankfully he just says fasten your seatbelts, the ride is going to be rough until we get over Paris.

We arrived at our hotel after midnight. The plane was and hour late landing. The drive north took us an hour and half and the first challenge we faced was finding a place to park our little Ford in a densely packed concrete beach town because the Hotel Cleopatra apparently doesn’t have parking for its patrons. Nevermind. We drive around the endless one-way narrow streets until we find a place to park.

The night porter looks like Commander Adama from Battlestar Galactica. He is a pleasant chap – helpful – he tells us in Spanish and hand gestures how to find our room. We toss our bags on the bed and hit the hotel bar. The barmaid is Kat from Eastenders, but nowhere near as good looking as Kat, but twice as foul. We down a couple of Sangrias to wash the road from our tired bones before retiring for the night. The hotel is bare basic, but for 20 quid a night, it’ll do just fine.

general stuff

on the road

I fly to Spain in 2 hours.  My travel companions are Ruth, Kerouac, and Auden. I have no agenda other than to get to Barcelona and see what happens.