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Her breasts bounce in step with each step on the step master they bounce, Like over-filled water balloons on a string, they bounce. Sweat drips slowly between her crevasse We lick our lips like on a hot summer day, standing before a merchant’s stall of freshly cut water melons, full... Read More

two live wires

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It isn’t nice to be naked. Two live wires, hot, exposed, to dangerous to touch together under the night sky. Dark, unyielding, no moon to light the way toward salvation and bliss. A kiss delivered on velvet lips awaiting the morning dew to deliver parched lips from a thousand nights... Read More

on keeping a journal

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Thomas Moreton said that there was no point in keeping a journal if your life didn’t change significantly each day. Well trying to write this journal daily highlights the fact that on a day to day basis my life is pretty much the same or maybe I am just not... Read More

in search of peace

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III.  in search of peace I searched for peace but could not find her on the troubled city streets I climbed a mountain seeking peace in the clouds, but saw only gun-smoke rising from heated barrels I listened by a babbling brook for peace’s soothing song, but heard only the... Read More

they call him the seeker

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I know this guy who is wandering lost in the modern world.  He has desires.  He has dreams but his dreams fall victim to the noise of every day life, drowned out in the din.  I’m trying to find my way through to  his-story.  I think it is a search... Read More