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It’s not Friday the 13th but Jason says

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There’s a hashtag going around the interwebs that says Never Not Working.  I’m trying to decide whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I guess if your work and your play are one and the same thing, then yeah, never not working fits. That’s the holy... Read More

This is the end of it all

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This drawing sort of popped into my head while I was waiting for my burger at the new Habana Cafe (formerly known as Havana Cafe). You can buy an art print of this here   Oh and the burger was delicious btw:

Help! My brain is about to explode.

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Sometimes I get myself so excited about things that my brain freezes up like a 286 computer trying to run a Windows 10. I’m too hyped to meditate, so the next best thing is to take a long walk or a cold shower. Because of time restraints, I opted for... Read More

reminisce – 1st draft

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She reminisced in my name. Fire, meltdown and the sanity they let lose in a tangled abstract fantasy of post apocalyptic let down. She reminisced in the attic for the wind, the damned, and the free. Her shadow slipped further. Soft she lay as the boys came for her body.... Read More

looking for a meal

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  If you’re like me, when you get “hangry” you turn into a beast. Stickers available here, starting at £1.69 Art prints available here, starting at £9.19

all the paths i could travel & jane doe

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Here’s an excerpt from my poetry collection, A Thousand Bullets Gone Astray: all the paths i could travel All the paths I could travel are pointing me in 360 directions Which path I choose is hard for me to imagine. If I move in one direction the circle collapses and... Read More

Can we breathe

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Already clustered full, my morrowed eyes looked beyond her vintage lips. Can we breathe, once again, marked and boundless, a broken wing, crushed by ignorance. I could have wandered on, lived my life asleep like an old door. I never really understood why she said she could only hate what... Read More

What happens when you destroy your ego?

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It seems to me that when you destroy the ego, life becomes infinitely more accessible. When you destroy the ego you are no longer bound by labels and your identity becomes free of attachments. I’ve done a lot of work to free my identity from attachments. In doing so, I... Read More

Is mindfulness harmful?

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So lately, I’ve had the urge to up my spiritual practice game. Kind of like some people with their physical fitness, I tend to be on again, off again with my spiritual fitness. But I know when I start feeling off-centre, it’s time to turn inward. And mindfulness meditation is... Read More

Who is you? – 1st Draft

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My friend Julian Stodd has inspired me do what he calls working out loud, which is, in effect, sharing your works in progress. I thought I’d do the same with some of the writing stuff i’m doing on the prose poetry/flash fiction/aphorism side, beginning with this piece, which was inspired... Read More