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This made me chuckle

It’s a quote I stumbled upon this morning from Scott Scanlon:  I logged into Facebook yesterday and a few of my friends shared pictures of…

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The Old Woman and the Snake

  Better Than Sex, Hunter S. Thompson

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Algorithms know what you’re going to do before you do

Take a gander down this list of 22 Ways Algorithms Know How You’ll Behave Before You Do and you’ll see that a future not unlike that of…

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Tech’s latest cash cow

Last night at about 8:30PM my wife’s iPhone suddenly starts pinging.  She got a text message. Then another and another. I think in the end…

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Understanding other places

“One place comprehended can make us understand other places better.” So wrote Southern novelist Eudora Welty in her essay “Place in Fiction,” and it’s a…

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Meditation 101 – An animated beginner’s guide

I love this: Despite what you may have heard, meditation does not involve joining a group, paying any fees, wearing any special outfits, sitting in…

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‘Black or White’ by Michael Jackson Played on 64 Floppy Drives, 8 Hard Drives, and 2 Scanners

This is some totally geeked out stuff, but pretty cool. Pawel Zadrozniak (a.k.a. “Silent“) recently created a great rendition of the song “Black or White”…

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What I’ve been listening to this week

Hmm…lazy Sunday.  But hold on a minute, I had a lazy Saturday.  I probably should unhinge myself from this chair and move my body about…

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Let’s Tweetup!

Art is for everybody. It’s not about going to an art gallery where you have to ring the bell to get in.  We don’t want…

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Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa

Deasil has been offering accessible, high quality, bespoke venues to artists for the las 4 years in Warwickshire and the West Midlands regions.

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