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Darkness has come

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Darkness has come, and with it, all the creatures of the night.  The vampires, the werewolves, the zombies, and the mutants of Hell now walk the Earth.  Most of humanity trembles in fear, but not you, brave warrior.  You know the end is not near so long as you draw... Read More

Listen carefully

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Skwerl is an amazing short by London filmmaking duo Brian and Karl. Filmed in 2011, Skwerl was Brian and Karl’s first film. It features a couple having what sounds at first like a normal conversation in English… But it isn’t. It’s a brief experience of what English sounds like to non-English speakers... Read More

I hate my life

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This past week Spotify rolled out the Daily Mix. So in addition to the Discover Weekly (which I like very much), Spotify are now serving up a daily mix of songs based on your listening habits. Tapping into your own history of albums and tracks that you have listened to... Read More