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Nightmare hooligan

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I wasted many years chasing windmills and waterfalls. Now I finally act my age, and my friends feel uncomfortable when I’m serious. So I play the clown, the eternal court jester, the fool. I’m a nightmare hooligan with a bloody nose seeking the Book of Knowledge and the Truth, if... Read More

another season

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As a child I never saw a vision of what I wanted to be, or if I did it was a fleeting glimpse. The poets told me what I could be, my teachers told me what I should be, now I only know what I don’t want to be. I... Read More

Luxuries and Vices

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Bank Holiday Monday. And I have very much been in day off mode. I didn’t even bothered to get out of my sweats today. I continued my way through Working and Thinking on the Waterfront. Tease the people with “luxuries and vices” said Paul Henri Spaak. He was talking about... Read More

Train Wreck

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She’s a train wreck in a black mini dress. I stood on the tracks, watched her approach. There was nothing I could do to stop her.

This to me is a full life

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Yesterday was a perfect Sunday for reading. We were going to go down to Bristol for the day, but R’s dad is sick and bedridden and her mom thought it best if we didn’t come down. Plan B was to go see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie that... Read More