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Not again hippie

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Not again hippie. I have my own identity problems to deal with. Every crasher’s got to remember the rain. The girl I was into approached everybody. She was outside complaining. The rain got heavier. I wasn’t dissapointed; it certainly was a treat. She was like a classic journey into Hell... Read More

The downside of going out and doing everything

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Here’s what I need to promise myself to do going forward from today and that is to re-engage with the world in a different way. Instead of trying to see it with new eyes, see it instead through older, wiser eyes. I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday.... Read More

Is this me?

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The madness that is mornings for me. Madness as in the cylinders of mind all fire at once in the wee hours of the morning burning brightly and bringing all sorts of wild and wonderful thoughts. Sometimes the intensity threatens to short-circuit me. And like Kerouac… “[…]the only people for... Read More

Black Drones

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The puppets dance in dark alleys Black drones drop messages across of the battlefield, singing we kill, we kill, we kill Give us form without substance There was something common in our guess work You blow apart my childhood fantasies with delight From the songbirds below the earth to the... Read More

Pretend to be one of them

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It’s not an easy gig to stand alone and live independently, especially if you’re addicted to praise and fearful of criticism.  Our natural inclination is to be one of the herd.  It feels safer that way, not to stand out or draw attention to oneself.  Even if you’re independent minded,... Read More