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Inattentional Blindness

I have to confess, I struggled with this one. Amber Guyger was justified in shooting black man, Dallas ex-police chief says. I’d have to say…

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Geeked out

In addition to taking Ruth and her Mum to Heathrow airport, I geeked out a bit.  I figured if I’m going to get back into…

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Standing out is no longer optional

“The danger of overstimulation and external voices will erode one’s core and necessitate the natural desire to compare and copy, which leads to living life…

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No Planet B

I dig this photo a lot. It was posted on Instagram by a cat named @surfrider which is a ‘gram feed “dedicated to the protection…

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How did I almost miss #OneHitWonderDay

I could have gone on for a while digging through the one hit wonders of my listening journey, but I’ve limited myself to these 15…

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Do you miss the stars like I do?

I want to go somewhere where I can see a billion stars in the sky at night. I was taking the trash out in the…

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I couldn’t believe how big the team was

I’m sat in the corner of my hotel room at the Novotel at Stanstead working on the blog on this tiny desk. Doll Parts and…

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What is the number one rule of Funk?

Inspiration is wild. And it can come from anywhere, anytime. I literally stumbled upon this 1 min 20-sec video of the one and only Bootsy…

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Waiting for life to begin

I woke up feeling a little like Bruce Springsteen in Better Days: Well my soul checked out missing as I sat listening To the hours…

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