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That was a long time ago

I need to lose all sense of audience, play my part and bow out at the end. Now you see me, now you don’t. It’ll…

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Into the fire and Ice I go

(1) I want to exorcise the demons from [my] past, but where would I even begin such an exercise? These demons, no doubt, have made…

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Reconnecting the dots!

That’s thing about life, it doesn’t move in a linear fashion (ok well time does, maybe) but our life’s plan sure as heck doesn’t. It’s…

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Art & fear and farewell to 2017

A stroll through the woods, reflection on art and fear, and a farewell to 2017. #Audio365

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Factory Reset on the Supplements

I’m going all natural baby! So i’m going into pushing heavy weights phase and this time I want to do it without supplements, you know…

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