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It’s not the big that matters

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The blogging game has changed so much since I first started blogging back in 2003. Blogging these days has been relegated to the content marketing game where folks are pimping their wears trying to position themselves as thought leaders in the hopes that they can either become social media influencers... Read More

Movement on my mind

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The more you move the better you feel. One of my intentions this year was to move more. I started off well, as you tend to do, but as T.S. Eliot wrote: Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow Now it’s time... Read More

Are you feeling ok?

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I can’t believe how excited I get about a book. I found a package on the stairs that had this in it: I could feel my face light up like a little school boy with a new toy. And of course I was suppose to be doing something else, but... Read More