Modern Work

Do you have a bad boss?

In a recent study, BambooHR, which surveyed more than 1,000 employees across the U.S., uncovered the top reasons workers don’t like their bosses. In this podcast, I expands on some of the top reasons given by employees.

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time to ponder or ponder time

I’ve been working flat out over the last 3 months or so getting up at 0430 to be out the door by 0545 to catch the 0620 train to London (a journey that takes me about two hours), out the door at the place I am working by 1730 to catch the 1800 train back to Leamington Spa (another two hour journey to get home), workout, eat, answer emails, sleep, then start the process over again. My weekends have been just as busy – mountain walks, country walks, visiting the in-laws. This weekend, I made the conscious choice to simply chill out, stay in the castle keep, and enjoy my home. I needed the time to reflect. My mother is not doing very well at the moment and there is an ocean between us so I am only able to get updates from my sister and brother. Times like these, of course, force you to think about your own time – how you are spending it and with whom you are spending it, how much of it you have left, and what you want to do with it. Yeah, so, this weekend I am taking time out to relax and think about life for a while.

On the Road

where can i be now

views from my hotel:

I some times I get disoriented from all the traveling up and down the country I do.  Especially when I work with multiple clients on projects that require different skill sets.  Because I submerge myself into my work roles completely, when I have a quiet moment and nobody is around that I can orient myself on, I sometimes have a momentary lapse of reason and forget where I am and what I am doing.  I had one of those moments yesterday on the way to get a coffee, and I had one this morning when my alarm went off at 4a.m. in my hotel room.  Because the room was very dark and my head was clouded with sleep, I couldn’t remember where I was.  I had to work hard to try to remember the day of the week and who I am working for today.  At first I got it wrong.  I imagined it was Thursday and I was somewhere else.  It took a few moments for clarity to return.